Introduction to writing 30 mark Education essays

Seven sections covering:

  • The role of Education
  • Educational policy
  • Differential Educational achievement (general)
  • Social class and achievement
  • Ethnicity and achievement
  • Gender and achievement
  • Pupil Identity

As many students offer mainly knowledge-driven essay answers, the materials concentrate on how to develop and display the skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation (which carry 18/30 marks available).

So each section has:

  • A list of likely questions in this area of Education
  • What to watch for in questions in this area
  • A top mark band answer to one of the questions
  • Examiner annotation of that answer

£36-95 plus £2-95 p+p


Lindisfarne Press was established in 1996 by Keith Trobe to produce high quality photocopiable teaching/revision materials and to run CPD for teachers and students on A/AS level Sociology courses.

teacherOne teacher commented on our materials, “this is exactly what I need for teaching sociology”. Another said, “these packs are full of activities for teaching sociology”. These teaching sociology resources are photocopiable within the purchasing institution.

Lindisfarne Press produces sociology revision packs for all the main topics taught in AQA AS and A level. There are revision packs on Families and Households with Methods, Education, Beliefs, Theory and Methods, and Crime and Deviance. Each pack contains a complete programme for sociology revision. There are revision notes differentiated according to ability, example answers and a complete coverage of the topic. There are also teaching packs and exemplar answers with commentaries packs.

We also offer student seminars as part of a revision programme for AS/A level sociology. Delivered by senior examiners, these are the perfect way to stimulate sociology revision. For any student revising for AS and A levels, these seminars give them a real insight into how what examiners are looking for. We bring these sociology revision seminars directly into schools and colleges. For anyone following the AQA sociology specification, these are an ideal way to start sociology revision.

Lindisfarne Press run continuing professional development courses for those involved in teaching sociology. These CPD courses are run all over the UK in June/July and November/December. Delivered only by experienced senior examiners, these courses up-date sociology teachers with new developments as well as teaching and learning strategies for the teaching of AS and A level sociology.

Keith Trobe

Keith is a senior examiner, best-selling textbook author, highly experienced teacher, and presenter of AS/AL Sociology training to teachers and students.


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Keith Trobe is senior examiner for AS Sociology with a leading examinations body and author of sociology textbooks and teaching/learning materials.
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