Student Seminars

Online grade boosting student skills seminars for A Level (AQA) Sociology - Summer 2021

Online grade boosting A-Level Sociology student exam skills seminars with targeted revision material - Keith Trobe

As you may know, Keith Trobe has delivered hundreds of Grade Boosting Student Exam Skills Seminars for A level Sociology students since 1995. In the past, these have been delivered face-to-face in schools and colleges. These have been re-designed them to be delivered online.

These student seminars are now composed of TWO elements:

  • A two and a half hour live online presentation (incl 20 min break) with 8 or more specific keynote skills briefings. Supported by a core pack of exam skills materials
  • Additionally there is a substantial set of supplementary materials targeted at the 2021 exams on the core topics of Crime, Education, and Theory and Methods. These will be bite-sized but there will be a lot of them: question deconstructions, opening paragraphs, second paragraphs, final paragraphs, exemplar answers at the upper middle range with guidance on how to improve them, and so on.

The cost is £10 per student (discounted for large numbers)


These will available from February 2021. There will be some set times for delivery (a morning, afternoon and 4pm) but date/time can also be made by arrangement. The seminar package will also be available for colleges and schools with larger numbers of students to organise a specific session for that institution. This will be done on a fixed fee basis (by negotiation).

Our thinking behind this approach is that the seminar messages will be most effective when linked to a comprehensive package of follow-up materials. We are deliberately keeping the cost low in order for this to be available to as many students as possible and to be cost-effective revision preparation.