Student Seminars

Grade boosting student skills seminars for A Level (AQA) Sociology - Spring 2021

COVID-19 Concerns  

Should the pandemic continue to affect the UK we will be looking to move these students seminars online. Keep in touch for details.

One-day student skills seminars with Keith Trobe

We offer one-day Student Skills Seminars that prepare students for A level Sociology (AQA) exams. With experience of delivering over 500 such seminars, the materials and activities in these presentations have been widely acknowledged to be among the best available.

The seminars include keynote presentations, activities, feedback and follow-up material. All students receive a 30+ page pack of materials to use during the seminar and afterwards in their revision.

We are in the process of putting together our Spring 2021 programme of Grade Boosting Student Seminars, so if you are interested in hosting one, please contact us on

Cost is £15 per student and we need around 70 to make each seminar viable. Where schools or college do not have this number, we circulate nearby centres to try to get viable numbers. For larger institutions we have a set fee. Contact us for details.

I think the thing that is different about these seminars is that they are not conventional knowledge-based revision days. I take students through each type of question they will face, deconstruct what examiners really want to see in their answers, work through examples and develop a 'game plan' for each question type.
Keith Trobe | Lindisfarne Press
Keith Trobe
Course Leader

About our Student seminars

Each seminar lasts about four and a half hours

The focus is on the highly specific exam skills required of students to do well in AQA A level Sociology exams

They are very intensive days - for which no apologies are made!

All students receive a 25/30 page pack of materials to use during the seminar and afterwards

The seminars include presentations, marking exercises and small group work

The seminars are also intended to be motivational as well as being functional in terms of exam skills