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Keith Trobe established Lindisfarne Press in the mid-1990s and it has produced dozens of teaching resources as well as running hundreds of student conferences and teacher CPD days.

Lindisfarne Press now concentrates on producing eBooks in support of A level Sociology teaching and learning and Zoom-based teacher CPD. Our student skills seminars will also re-commence when the impact of the pandemic lessens and schools and colleges are confident of being able to offer a safe environment for them.

Keith Trobe

As well as writing dozens of Lindisfarne Press teaching resources, Keith is the co-author of the top-selling Napier Press textbooks (the ‘orange’ and the blue’ books!) and Napier’s ‘Success in Sociology’ revision guides for A level Sociology (AQA specification). During the past 25 years Keith has presented hundreds of student skills seminars and dozens of teacher CPDs.

Keith is a Senior Examiner for A level Sociology and has been for thirty-five years, for many of them as a Principal Examiner. His wealth of examining, teaching and writing experience informs everything he produces for supporting A level Sociology.

David O'Leary | Lindisfarne Press

David O'Leary

David is a very experienced former Lead Examiner and question paper writer for a major A level examinations board. He has taught Sociology for 30 years and has also written the Student guides for the Hodder revision book series.