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  • keith_trobe01KEITH TROBE
    Keith is a highly experienced teacher, author and presenter of AS/AL Sociology. He is the co-author (with Rob Webb and others) of the best-selling Napier Press suite of textbooks and revision books used in most schools and colleges for the AQA specification. Keith formerly contributed to the best-selling textbook on the 1990s, ‘Sociology in Focus’. He is the author or editor of dozens of packs of teaching and revision materials used by teachers in hundreds of schools and colleges.
    Keith also instituted the Lindisfarne Press Student Skills Seminars which many teachers have brought into their institutions.
    In his real life, Keith enjoys annoying the public by playing and singing in a number of traditional music groups, getting lost up mountains and being involved in local politics.About his work, Keith says:

“I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to work with so many teachers and students, in many schools and colleges. The commitment and professionalism of most of the teachers I’ve met is quite humbling, really. There is so much good practice going on out there in delivering our subject – often in the face of policies and processes that inhibit rather than support them”

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Keith Trobe is senior examiner for AS Sociology with a leading examinations body and author of sociology textbooks and teaching/learning materials.
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